About Us:

Born out of embroidery order frustration!

As a former distributor, with a embroidery background, I saw how hard it was to get  small embroidery orders complete. You would think cause it was small that they can knock it out quick. Nope, it takes longer, they rather fill up they're big machines and run large orders. Well, times have changed,  Everyone wants their  orders on demand.

Small Orders, That's what we're set up to do, 2 to 144 Pieces with 4 levels of speedy service at the right price!

We offer Same day to 5+ day service, based on availablity.

Our ZSK Networked single heads are perfect to run Small or large orders. If our first run needs adjustments, our experienced digitizers can quickly create or adjust your embroidery files within Minutes.  We want your order to look its best! 

We want to help you get this order out and your next order in.

We will always do what we can to get your order "in hands" when you need it.  No "red tape" Don't really use P.O's ? No Problem, just email us all the details we need or use the P.O. on this site. Need a firm price to give a client, just email us what you have. Our quotes are firm and will always work out in your favor. you never lose. (unless you go to our competitors) Our automatic order managment system will email you the status of your order every step of the way.